Today saw a low-mood induced shopping spree, and while my bank balance has taken a pretty serious hit, I'm in much higher spirits now. ...

Today saw a low-mood induced shopping spree, and while my bank balance has taken a pretty serious hit, I'm in much higher spirits now. Disgusting amounts of peanut M&M's probably helped as well. I picked up some bits from Topshop, Primark and this SUPER CUTE TOP from Urban Outfitters, but most of the damage came from makeup. 

Something I've wanted for absolutely ages is ESTEÉ LAUDER DOUBLE WEAR, and I finally got my hands on it in Debenhams. I always find the women who work on the counters in Debenhams so much kinder and friendlier than the ladies in Boots, but thats just me. Today was no exception, the lady was so helpful and lovely and she colour matched me perfectly (2NI, Desert Beige, if you're interested). So far, I love this foundation, as I knew I would. It's very high coverage, concealing pretty close to everything without looking caked-on and, as the name suggests, it lasts an impressively long time without transferring onto anything. Considering doing a full review soon so keep your eyes peeled like onions. 

The other thing I bought in Debenhams was the small version of the ALL NIGHTER SETTING SPRAY from Urban Decay. This is actually a repurchase, I finished my bottle of this a couple of years ago and never got round to getting it again, until today. Whether it keeps your makeup fresh and in place through dancing and sweating all night long is up for debate but it definitely works better than a dusting of powder. 

I felt like if I stayed near the Urban Decay counter any longer the Naked Smokey palette might somehow end up in my basket so I headed to Superdrug. My Smashbox primer is running low, and being the broke bitch I am at the mo, I picked up the RIMMEL LASTING FINISH PRIMER, and will probably reserve Smashbox for special occasions. This isn't a primer I've used before and I haven't actually got round to trying it out yet; but I've seen Anna from viviannadoesmakeup mention it before, and if it's good enough for her, then it's definitely good enough for me. The other budget priming option I grabbed was the RIMMEL EXAGGERATE SHADOW PRIMER.  Eyeshadow primer is not something I've used before, but something inside compelled me to get this to see if it does improve the application of my eyeshadow. The texture is quite gloopy and its alarmingly white on the applicator, but after you blend it onto the lid it absorbs quite nicely and leaves no trace of colour,  so I'm quite excited to start using this everyday. And for 4.99 GBP you can hardly go wrong!

I went a bit concealer-crazy next, getting the COLLECTION LASTING PERFECTION CONCEALER, which in hindsight was a pretty poor choice after getting such a high coverage foundation, and the BARRY M FLAWLESS CONCEALER. I got the latter in the shade Ivory, which was their lightest as I plan to use this light-reflecting concealer under my eyes to hide dark circles and generally look a little bit more human. Collection's concealer was a repurchase, and I got it in 2, Cool Medium (I forgot to picture this, sorry guys!). 

I rounded off my shopping trip by popping into H&M, where I got this cute makeup bag, which unfortunately I can't find online (I swear H&M just randomly decide what goes on their website and what doesn't?). As well as that, I got a load of GOLD RINGS which were cheap as chips and their matte nail polish, which doubles a chip-proof, peel-proof topcoat as well. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this slightly lengthy post. I always feel so much less guilty about spending all my money if I can somehow compose a post out of it! Are any of these items on your wishlist, or have you tried any of them? Let me know in the comments below, and please feel free to catch up with me on INSTAGRAM + TWITTER.

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