I have a new love in the form of Kiko's long lasting eyeshadow sticks. Buy  HERE   for 6.90 GBP.  Being the lazy person that...

I have a new love in the form of Kiko's long lasting eyeshadow sticks. Buy HERE for 6.90 GBP. 

Being the lazy person that I am, cream eyeshadows are a makeup bag staple because no matter how little time I have to apply my eye makeup or how little will I have to faff about with complimenting colours, cream eyeshadows always deliver a polished, I-put-in-the-effort look. I'm really impressed with Kiko's latest eyeshadow offering so far. They're very highly pigmented and blendable, have the right amount of shimmer without being sparkly and have a creamy consistency when applied that dries down to a crease-proof non-budge wash of colour. Best of all, the applicator serves as brush and my finger serves as a blending tool; laziness doesn't come much easier. Will the phrase one-swipe wonder ever catch on? Should I copyright it now?  

 The two shades I picked up are 38, Golden Taupe which is a shimmery brown with a hints of lilac and grey and 07, Golden Beige which is like a slightly darker take on a champagne highlighter. Inevitably, I spent ages deliberating on which colours to plump for because the shade range is absolutely spot-on. I was itching to grab 34, Pearly Rose Quartz which is such a unique dusky-candy pink; I've actually included a picture of the swatch below and the more I look at it the more I want to head back to Kiko and get it!

From the packaging to the range of neutral, brown-toned shades, all finished with a metallic sheen, Kiko's eyeshadow sticks look very similar to Bobbi Brown's Long Wear Cream Shadow Sticks. I feel they might be a potential dupe? Let me know if you've tried either the Bobbi Brown or the Kiko eyeshadow sticks and if you think they're dupe-worthy.

34, Pearly Rose Quartz at the bottom.                                                                                         38, Golden Taupe on the top &
                                                                                                                                                           07, Golden Beige on the bottom.

On a side note, anyone who's read any of my older posts might know that I've been taking roaccutane  for my skin and I'm just coming up to my final few weeks. How time flies! I'm thinking about writing a post on it soon so keep your eyes peeled. Hope you've had a fab weekend and you're all relaxing in PJ's watching Disney movies.

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