Without meaning to, I seem to have been coveting eye makeup bits recently. And I ain't even done, because finally, after years of bew...

Without meaning to, I seem to have been coveting eye makeup bits recently. And I ain't even done, because finally, after years of bewilderment I've come to understand the hype surrounding Urban Decay's Naked palettes. So buttery and so velvety, my only issue now is deciding which one of to opt for. Suggestions greatly appreciated. 

I've also made my first much-antipcipated trip to Kiko Cosmetics! I spent a long time marvelling at the prices of the lipsticks, swooning over the cute accessories and swatching the eyeshadows, which were absolutely stunning. I didn't make a purchase right away, I decided to leave it and come back later in the day and I was MORTIFIED when the seven foot security guard stopped me on the way out and searched my bag ! Do I have a thief-like aura about me ??? To make matters worse, I'd just bunged my makeup into my handbag that morning and he pulled out my MAC lip pencil I'd brought with me and started inspecting it. With a cherry-red face, I had to explain in my broken French that I hadn't stolen it, because duh, Kiko doesn't stock MAC. I came back later, armed with my Mum, but I was pretty eager to leave because I was considering the possibility that the security bloke might roundhouse kick me and search my pockets. So I went for the eyeshadow I'd had my eye on in the store earlier; their water eyeshadow in the shade 218, GRAPEFRUIT PINK. It looks like a very bright, golden-orange pink shade, but patted on top of a matte brown it's just the right amount of rosy bronze shimmer and I may just be in love. Along with that, I bought the Colour Sphere eyeshadow in 20, SPARKLING DOVE GRAY which will be such a nice match with my blue eyes when my tan picks up, however its fairly opaque and high coverage so use sparingly. As I was on the hunt for some kind of fake tanning moisturiser for my face, I grabbed their Self Tanning Rapid Cream at the checkout, a product I can't find online anywhere. If you do manage to track it down, I would definitely recommend it, because aside from the rather pungent fake-tan scent, it leaves a lovely sunkissed glow after just one application and I think it only cost me three euro, which is a crazy good bargain. 

Did I really need to buy two mascaras? Probably not, but that didn't stop me. The ROLLER LASH was really a spontaneous gift for my Mum, because she always moans about not having any eyelashes. She absolutely loves Benefit's bestseller because theres no fussing with eyelash curlers or combs or anything, you just slap it on and BOOM long, defined eyelashes. That being said, I did pick up Sephora's BROW COMB for myself, because I've decided both my brows and lashes are a bit under groomed. The other Sephora tool that ended up in my basket is possibly my new favourite, firstly because in French it's called a baguette and secondly because its a three-in-one brush that fulfils all my smokey-eye-creating needs. The brush (HERE) is made up of a crease brush, liner brush and a smudge brush that are held together magnetically and is complete with handy images of the brush heads. It's an absolute lifesaver when I'm in a hurry. 

If you follow me on TWITTER you'll know how badly I wanted to get my hands on BAREMINERALS COMPLEXION RESCUE  which I am now the proud owner of, in the shade Buttercream. I'm still undecided on whether or not I like this product or not, I don't think I've worn it enough to make up my mind. I'm considering writing a review once I've got to grips with it, but there are so many reviews of it floating around at the moment, I'm not entirely sure the blogging world needs another. 

Following my MAC WISHLIST, I finally got the majority of stuff I was lusting over but annoyingly the setting spray slipped my mind. Instead of getting the In Extreme Dimensions mascara I quizzed the shop assistant on the mascara she was wearing, as her eyelashes were super duper long on the top and bottom and there was not a clump in sight. She pointed me in the direction of MAC's HAUTE AND NAUGHTY LASH IN BLACK which so far I'm not really enjoying it because its just so prone to smudging. However, I'm determined to attain those amazingly long, fanned out lashes so I will persevere and get back to you on this one. 

As well as finding the cutest top ever, which is now on sale, (HERE) I found myself in the beauty section of H&M where I bought a replacement EYELASH CURLER. Its not brilliant, as you might expect for £4.99 but it'll tide me over until I get round to buying a new one. The other thing I bought was an eyeshadow palette (not available online) with some shades in it designed for the brow. I use this palette as a kindof back-up palette, to take out with me and not worry about losing it, as the matte shades work great for touching things up, theres a black shade I use as eyeliner and a highlight shade for the inner eye corner.

So that summarises all the things I've been buying over the past few weeks!  I think I'll definitely be heading back to Kiko at some point, despite my traumatic experience with the security guard. I've heard good things about their foundation so that might be my next purchase, have you tried out any of their foundations? I also might pop into Sephora and treat myself to one of the Naked palettes after my appointment with the dermatologist on Saturday which I am still just beside myself with excitement about. I'll let you know how that goes, too. Wish me luck with it!

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  1. Love the packaging and overall look of the kiko eyeshadow! It looks amazing!


  2. Those Kiko shadows look gorgeous!! I've never tried anything from them but I'd love to try these out (:


  3. Love this!!! :)

  4. Great beauty buys! I definitely need to go to my nearest Kiko store, as these eyeshadows look so pigmented.


  5. Yea they are such great value for money :) x

  6. It was horrific, but I'll definitely be heading back at some point because they have some such lovely things in there x

  7. Lovely pictures. I love these eyeshadows by Kiko!
    Nati xx

  8. These are some awesome products and you took beautiful pictures of them! I can't wait to eventually try Kiko, though I will have to watch out for giant scary security guards now. As far as the Naked Palettes go, I own them all but would definitely recommend the original. The Naked 3 is also very pretty but not as versatile and the Naked 2 is a bit of a waist of money because I don't use it nearly enough :)

    Shannon xx |

  9. yes definitely be aware, he was terrifying and I was crazy embarrassed. Wow you've got them all??? You lucky thing, yea I think the original is actually the nicest :) i'll check out your blog! xx

  10. GlamBlink Klaudia1 June 2015 at 07:44

    I have that KIKO eyeshadow in grapefruit pink! Its soooo gorgeous!

    Klaudia x


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