FEBRUARY FAVOURITES FEBRUARY Hello lovelies! With February is wrapping itself up, I thought I'd share a few drugstore bits I&...


Hello lovelies! With February is wrapping itself up, I thought I'd share a few drugstore bits I've really been liking this month (props to me for most unoriginal post title 2015). I've been finding myself reaching for these products almost every bleak, chilly day recently and I'm quite impressed with all of them- starting with one my one of my favourite finds, the SEVENTEEN DEFINE AND CONQUER CONTOUR KIT. Two highly-pigmented powders in a pale, matte champagne shade and a cool-toned bronze. I've been on the hunt for an everyday, natural-looking bronzer for a while now and Seventeen really ticks all the boxes here; I normally dust excess powder from my brush and apply gently in the hollows of my cheeks for lightly-chiseled daily wear and build it up for a more sculpted nighttime look.

I've read excellent things about Murad, so I thought I'd have to give their CLARIFYING CLEANSER a go. I really like this stuff, despite a vaguely unpleasant fragrance and the fact the lid needs to 'click' closed otherwise the product leaks everywhere (learnt this the hard way, hence the handwritten note to myself on the bottle). My skin has been so much better since using this cleanser, I will definitely be repurchasing. PANTENE YOUTH PROTECT 7 BB CREME is on offer at Boots at the moment, so you should get yo shop awn, if silky, frizz-free flawless-looking hair is the name of your game. Honestly, two pumps of this through damp (ish) hair and you won't have strand out of place. I've been using this since January and I'm not even close to finishing the bottle!

Next up, a product thats definitely not a recent release, is CLARINS EAU DES JARDINS PERFUME. Perhaps a little too summery for these cold dark days but I'm wearing it nonetheless- it literally smells like an Italian garden overflowing with velvety flowers. I bought ELF STUDIO HIGH DEFINITION POWDER in sheer, in the hopes it would replace the NARS Light Reflecting Setting Loose Powder which I dropped and spilt everywhere after about 5 uses (sob, sob). As far as staying power is concerned Elf's creation is pretty good, but not out of this world, however I do like the soft-focus glow it gives me. Blurring blemishes that shine through my concealer and giving my skin an airbrushed edge, this powder is like being in flattering lighting all the time.
Another Seventeen product! I think they've really upped their game recently and I find myself at their counter (/stand??) more often, inspecting and swatching. Their CHEEK STAMP BLUSH is an innovative product, designed to literally be stamped onto the apples of cheeks for precise application that can then be blended out with a brush. The range of shades are so lovely and wearable, I've gone for 'Bashful'. An absolute favourite of the selection is OPI SHEERLY OPAL, a lovely, subtle shade from the OPI Hard as Nails range that comes as a set of two. I love this colour because its totally clear on the nails until it catches the light, and then becomes an iridescent, almost holographic blend of lilac, powder blue and canary yellow, and becomes pearly pink the more you build it up. I've been wearing this polish every day its just so gorgeous, I can't comment on if its made my nails harder as of yet but I have trust in OPI!
Although I did a post dedicated entirely to my favourite brow looks which you can read HERE, I had to try MAYBELLINE BROW SATIN which I'm really impressed with it because its so quick and easy to use. One swipe over each brow and they appear instantly shaped, defined and fuller. Next is another Maybelline goodie, and another age-battling product! I've been using MAYBELLINE ERASER EYE CONCEALER under my eyes for the past week or so, and my friends and co-workers have all been telling me that I look refreshed and glowing. Either I'm pregnant, or this concealer, with its unique built-in sponge applicator is doing the trick. 
If, like me, bitter winds and ramped-up central heating is taking its toll on your skin, you can't go wrong with E45 CREAM. This stuff is a super hydrating, instantly moisturising, non-greasy, non-perfumed, non-comedonegic, cheap as chips miracle in a tube and I'm never without it in my handbag. To round off my Februarys Favourites post I won't spend ages going on about GARNIER CLEANSING MICELLAR WATER because everyone and their nan is raving about this stuff. I've been using it for dissolving thick layers of foundation, eradicating all traces of waterproof mascara and wiping out stubborn lipsticks, AND its worth saying that this is by far the best brush cleaner I've ever come across.
SO, there you have it, everything I've been loving throughout February. You have to let me know what your February Favourites are, I'm always on the hunt for new products to try out

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  1. The cheek stamp seems so cool. I have never heard of anything like that :)

    Sarah | Sarahanne14

  2. I haven't seen that Seventeen palette before. It looks great.
    I love my Garnier Micellar water, but find it smells like mold, though I seem to be the only one who seems it. :/

    Angie x | Chocolate & Lipstick || UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  3. I love that Garnier cleansing water! It does wonders :)

    Anything & Everything | Bloglovin'


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