SKIN SAVIOUR | IN SILVER ARMOUR DECEMBER Silver Serum , £12.95 at SkinShop.co.uk   Hey guys! Before I start hailing my newfound m...


Silver Serum, £12.95 at SkinShop.co.uk 

Hey guys! Before I start hailing my newfound miracle skincare product I should tell you about my lengthy (and still ongoing) battle with acne. Since the age of fourteen I've been plagued with a variety of spots, from papules (bright red, inflamed and usually puss-free zits) to nodules (painful, enormous under-skin spots). 
Doctors have prodded me and written me prescriptions, pharmacists have heard me wail and provided recommendations, my mum, who suffered with acne even when I was a child, has offered words of wisdom and the Internet has been scoured for solutions. While some of the gels, creams, pills, lotions and potions worked for a while, my skin can get pretty nasty and I need a product that will hold up even when my skin is having an absolute bitch fit. 
I found out about silver serum when I stumbled upon THIS ARTICLE. If you're not a Daily Mail fanatic I'll summarise: this poor girl was cursed with some pretty terrible acne, leaving her depressed, boyfriendless and jobless. She discovered the exact product that I'm currently massaging into my face every night and six years on she doesn't have a single zit. 
I started using Silver Serum about three weeks ago and so far I'm pretty impressed. Its totally cleared up my angry skin and has kept them at bay ever since. I've had one or two crop up here and there but I'm persevering with it. The premise of this product is that it kills off bad bacteria on the skin but maintains all the good stuff that actually improves and repairs skin. You only need a tiny blob of the serum- trust me a little goes a long way.
Simple, yet effective skincare routine
 Apply to dry, cleansed skin and rub in until absorbed. I tend to use it at night, after I've removed my makeup (using a clean makeup sponge and GARNIER SIMPLY ESSENTIALS CLEANSING LOTION ) and used a deep-cleaning cleanser. I like BIORÉ CHARCOAL CLEANSER because its packed with charcoal, a natural extractor thats been used for hundreds of years to dig up dirt, bacteria and excess oil from under the surface of the skin. Being the  fake tan lover that I am I almost always apply PALMERS COCOA BUTTER NATURAL BRONZER  to build up a sun-kissed glow and when thats all soaked in, I rub on my HOLY GRAIL SPOT-ZAPPING GEL. Massage in circular motions, targeting problem areas.  This can always be used under makeup because it doesn't have that nasty crusty effect some gels and creams do. 
The packaging of this product is simplistic, but I like the lilac and grey theme, and the gel is scentless and easy to squeeze from the tube without making a ginormous mess. The only available postage from SkinShop.com is First Class, which is pricier but worth it, as I ordered mine around 1am one night and received it the next day. 
I hope this has helped any of you acne sufferers out there! Let me know any of your skincare recommendations in the comments below.

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  1. I totally feel you with the acne problem, I can't remember the last time I had a day where I had completely clear skin. This stuff sounds like a little miracle worker though, may have to treat myself and give it a try

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty Blog

  2. thanks for sharing these products!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc.com

  3. Hi, I really love your blog so I nominated you for the 'Liebster Award!', all the details are on my new blog post. Keep in touch <3 http://stylishsunrise.blogspot.co.uk/2014/12/liebster-award-nomination.html?m=0

  4. Wow, this product sounds great!

    Unfortunately, using tanning products on my face tends to cause me to break out, so I wonder if Palmer's could work for me. It sounds like it's a buildable lotion?



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