On Monday, I'll be starting Uni in Falmouth and I'm so excited to meet everyone on my course and in my halls! The last time I was i...

On Monday, I'll be starting Uni in Falmouth and I'm so excited to meet everyone on my course and in my halls! The last time I was in education was over a year ago and since then I've accumulated quite a few new makeup bits and pieces.  With a hangover and lecture in five minutes this is what I'll be slapping on my face over the next little while. 

To prep, nothing works like SMAHSBOX'S PHOTO FINISH FOUNDATION PRIMER, which I rub in all over my face after moisturiser and allow to absorb. EST√ČE LAUDER DOUBLE WEAR will be buffed in using the Zoeva Silk Finish brush, and I think I'll be skipping the concealer because Double Wear erases pretty much everything in one application. It also doesn't cling to dry patches which is such a plus because my skin has generally gets quite dehydrated in the Winter months. Just to brighten up under the eyes, BARRY M FLAWLESS CONCEALER in Ivory will be making an appearance, although its not pictured I'll be using RIMMEL LONDON UNDERCOVER SHADOW PRIMER to prep my eyelids. 

I've been reaching for my NAKED 3 palette a lot recently, something about the rose gold, pinky hues keeps me coming back to it. The matte options have been getting the most love recently, as crease shades, lower eye shades and along the upper lash line- Limit and Nooner are my go-tos. That being said, I have serious hang-ups with the name Nooner. For lashes, I will be using my new Love (note the capitalised L, I mean business); MAC's FALSE LASHES mascara. This is such a gem, it makes my lashes so long and defined and curly- expect a review soon. 

Onto brows, I'll most probably be using the L'OREAL PARIS PERFECTION BROW ARTIST PLUMPER and if thats not enough of a mouthful for you, I'm defining them with SOAP & GLORY BROW ARCHERY 2-IN-1 BROW FILLING PENCIL AND BRUSH. I'm loving this Brow Wiz dupe, it honestly has upped my eyebrow game tenfold and if you haven't got this in your stash I would seriously recommend it. To highlight the brow bone and top of my cheek, I'll be reaching for SOFT AND GENTLE, which I picked up in duty free and I'm so pleased I did! Its so highly pigmented all it takes is a quick sweep to get this gorgeous, radiant glow. 

 To set everything in place, I use HOURGLASS' AMBIENT LIGHTING POWDER in Luminous light (review HERE) which keeps everything looking fresh but also preserves any semblance of  Summer glow I have left. I'll be keeping my lips simple and low-maintenance, as I don't think they approve of re-applying lipstick during lectures.  MAC'S JAPANESE MAPLE fits the bill as a nudey-peachy pink in a  shiny, moisturising formula. 

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