I'm a self-confessed lover of all things eBay. You can find some absolute gems on there if you have the patience to sift through al...

I'm a self-confessed lover of all things eBay. You can find some absolute gems on there if you have the patience to sift through all the poor-quality junk, and every time a post pops up about eBay bargains I always end up with sixteen tabs of eBay products open and a strong urge to buy every single one. Since I spend an awful time on the site anyhow, I thought I'd put together my favourite bargain beauty buys- I'll try not to be too repetitive because there are so many of this type of post drifting about. I've also calculated the price of each item including postage + packaging to the UK because I'm such a Maths whiz and all (ha, ha). 

1. CONTOUR KIT AND BRUSH 3.64 GBP -This is definitely going to be one of my next purchases, its such a practical, versatile palette with cream contour shades to suit every skin tone, as well as both ordinary concealers and colour-correcting options. This listing has a selection, so you can choose if you'd rather have more concealing shades than contouring shades and what kind of brush (if any) you want. 

2ACRYLIC MAKEUP ORGANISER 12.46 GBP -What post would be complete without some transparent makeup storage? This one is particularly handy, with both drawers and a display section.

3. HEART DISH 7.54 GBP (without p+p) -Not only is this dish super cute, its also the ideal size for jewellery items like rings and earrings and hair bits and bobs. And its heart-shaped and y'all know how weirdly attracted I am to anything heart-shaped.

4. EOS LIP BALMS 16.95 GBP -The ever so popular EOS lip balms are now available as a five-pack on eBay! The flavours of these look so delicious, I only have the strawberry one and I'm dying to try them all so if you do buy these, let me know if the other flavours are equally yummy.  

5. 120 MATTE & SHIMMER EYESHADOW PALETTE 5.85 GBP -These are perhaps not the best quality eyeshadow pans, but its an incredibly useful palette that always gets pulled out whenever theres a Halloween party, dress-up event, or themed party on the cards.

6. TONY MOLY EGG PORE SILKY SMOOTH BALM 8.24 GBP -One of my first blogger-inspired purchases, this primer is a bit hit-and-miss. It works well on the nose and forehead, but I did find myself leaning towards more heavy-duter primers for the rest of my face.  Its worth noting that although its a silicone-based product and carries a slightly bizarre lemon scent it didn't break me out at all, which is a huge plus for me and my acne-prone skin. The packaging certainly is gorgeous; the gleaming gold egg sitting on my dressing table definitely got a few compliments.

7. SHU UEMURA EYELASH CURLER 14.50 GBP - This particular listing claims to be the real deal,  and I can confirm that this eyelash curler does a pretty good job at both making and maintaing a curl. 

8. MAKEUP BAG 1.57 GBP -This spacious, cute makeup bag is such good value for money and comes in four colours. 

9. MAKEUP BRUSH HOLDER IN PINK 8.84 GBP -I have a soft spot for anything tacky, brightly-coloured plastic and I'm obsessed with this princessy makeup brush holding pot thingy. You could also use it as a pen holder if you so desired and it comes in some different colours. But pink is the cutest of the bunch, obvs.

10. BRUSH SET 4.97 GBP -This set of brushes has stood by my side for many years and despite frequently cleaning them, the shedding is absolutely minimal and they're still unbelievably soft and fluffy. The eye brushes are among some of my favourites of my whole collection, although having said that one of the metal brush heads did fall off the wooden handle, but it was nothing a little super glue couldn't fix. 

11. SEASHELL MIRROR 3.38 GBP -Remember what I said about tacky plastic? I love this mirror, its really compact and good for on-the-go. 

12. MAKEUP BLENDING SPONGE 4.67 GBP - Having used the real Beauty Blender, and used some cheaper alternatives I can't honestly see that much difference and considering you're meant to replace blending sponges often I feel like these are great because they're so purse-friendly. 

Do you have any of these eBay items? Hope you guys are all good, I'm sorry its been a while since my last post, I actually had a friend come to stay with me for a week which was lovely, but a bit exhausting.  If you want to keep up with me on INSTAGRAM or TWITTER I'm alwyas looking to connect with new people. 

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  1. I love cheap brush sets I've always found that they're so soft, especially that kit you have! The only problem I've had is the top falling away from the wood haha. I really love that plastic brush holder, super adorable!
    prettymadthings.blogspot.co.uk / / x

  2. Caitriona Tighe12 June 2015 at 04:54

    I really want to try the blending sponges and invest in a few of the make-up brushes since Ive never tried any from Ebay x They sound really nice and of course - great cheap alternative ;)

    Caitrona | caitrionatighe.blogspot.ie

  3. omg girl you shop at ebay tooo! Ebay is so amazing, many great finds for beauty!!

    Lauren xx | laurlauu

  4. love the pink bag :) New on my French blog: "How to straighten your hair and eat Strawberries Tagada at the same time" :) :)


  5. i know i love a bit of eBay even some of their clothes are fab! xx

  6. they're honestly such a good base for your brush set :) xx

  7. For some reason I hadn't thought of getting makeup storage from ebay! I've been all over amazon, I will have to have a look into it! The bag is really pretty as well :) Hope you had fun with your friend! xxxx



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