BEST OF: IPHONE 4/4S CASES | SPEND SPLURGE SAVE APRIL I decided to put together some of my favourite iPhone 4/4s cases.  The first five...

I decided to put together some of my favourite iPhone 4/4s cases.  The first five are fairly expensive, ranging from roughly 18 pounds (38 Singapore dollars) to £55.00. My favourite is the Marc Jacobs Rose Gold Melt one, but all the Marc Jacobs ones are so nice at the moment.

Moschino Bunny Silicone Case -£44.00
Givenchy Rottweiler Hard Case -£55.00
Marc by Marc Jacobs Rose Gold Melt Hard Case £40.00
Karl Lagerfeld Hard Case -£20.89 (35 dollars)
O-Mighty Acidic Silicone Case -£18.16 (38 Singapore dollars)

The second lot are a little more purse friendly and I love the Skinny Dip London one. I started following them on Instagram when they first started out, and I've been lusting over their transparent clutch bags ever since. I saw that TopShop had started stocking their products and River Island have as well, although they offer a lot more in store than online. Kiss Clothing also do loads of phone cases with different famous people on them, not just Alex Turner.

Urban Outfitters Textile Federation Lucid Liquid Hard Case -£12.00
Asos Venom Holland Hard Case -£10.00
Skinny Dip London Venus Bling Hard Case -£18.00

I love the holographic roses H&M case in the 'Save' section. I have a holographic phone case which I got from eBay and people frequently comment on it.  I'm also a huge fan of the Berschka case, which comes in the same design, only black, and Berschka has lots of lovely bits and pieces at relatively low prices, so it might be worth a trip.

Monki Digital Dream Hard Case -£6.00 (scroll down, as the link is abit dodgy)
Berschka Cream Lips + Heart Hard Case -£7.99
H&M Holographic Rose Hard Case -£5.99
H&M Glittery Silver Hard Case -3.99

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  1. I want that moschino bunny one so bad! :)

    Could you check out my blog and follow it? I will follow back!
    I have a new post every day!

    Stay fancy!
    xxx Kelly-Louise

  2. Thanks for your comment, love the bunny one too.

  3. So happy I found this post! All the cases I've come across recently are for the 5 and, as a technophobe, I'm reluctant to upgrade but I've been looking for a case for my old 4 for ages!

    As much as I love that Karl Lagerfeld beauty, on my budget I think I'll be going with the Urban Outfitters elephant case! Lol.

    Great post! :) xx

    1. this is so encouraging thanks so much! I LOVE the Karl Lagerfeld one, but the UO one is gorgeous too, its 3D and on sale! Checking out your blog now XX


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